Our Mission

From a small studio apartment to a large home. AirMedics believes a person’s home is their castle and where we should all feel safe. When your very castle is making you sick, it’s AirMedics that goes to battle for you

Our Story

I began my career in T&B (Air testing and balancing) back in the early 1990’s for my fathers company in Buffalo N.Y.   I made it to journeyman status in the sheet metal union local 71. We also ran a duct cleaning company in between those years, but the T&B side of things took up most of our time. 

 In 2004 I decided to move to my favorite vacation destination, FLORIDA!!!  I started that year as a lead tech for a duct cleaning company. A year later I decided to go into business for myself. I noticed that the company I worked for and other duct cleaning companies were charging ridiculous prices and using sub par practices. I found the perfect equipment to do the job the right way. Then I took a couple years to research and create what is now AirMedics own exclusive all organic sanitizer

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