Reviews & Awards


01/24/2018 – TIM S.
“Chris is a pro. Friendly and informative, and we learned things from him about the way our newly-purchased, 40-year old house was built. Be sure to count how many air registers you need cleaned when talking to Chris or any other duct cleaning service. AND DON’T FORGET THE DRYER VENT. Ours was plugged nearly solid.”

10/19/2017 – Kathy G.
AirMedics did a terrific job cleaning our air ducts. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing 
their air ducts cleaned. It took 3 hours to do the job to clean 8 vents and to sanitize. It was an eye 
opener of the before and after picture. I will definitely contact him again!

08/15/2011 – Linda S.
I purchased the dryer vent cleaning as a “big deal” from Angies’ List. I was contacted within a day of 
purchasing and the service was accomplished within 5 days of purchasing. He was professional, 
punctual and performed the work impeccably.

01/27/2013 – Blanca R.
Prompt and a very pleasant person. He was very thorough in cleaning out all the air ducts and did a 
great job with the dryer vent. He went the extra and cleaned all the registers. I felt the difference in the 
air quality when he was done.

​02/11/2013 – Sam R.
Service date was within a week of my call.  Christian Scheeler, the owner arrived at the scheduled time and performed all the agreed services thoroughly and professionally with a very friendly manner.  The services took approximately 4 hours and there was no residual dust or dirt.  Although the noise of the vacuuming was moderately loud at times, it was tolerable and not much louder than some home vacuum cleaners.  I intend to recommend Air Medics to my friends and neighbors. 

03/27/2013 – Ruth E. A.
Overall it went GREAT. The serviceman arrived on time and was very helpful and polite. He explained what he was going to do and made sure the equipment was not disturbing anything in the home, pets were in a safe place and so forth. He went about his work in an efficient and capable manner. He answered questions while working and was very knowledgeable. He was extremely thorough as far as getting vent covers clean using hose in yard, applying sanitizer, and making sure to find and clean all vents. His tools and equipment were clean and well-functioning and he had the right ladders and other things needed for the job. For his time and effort and information the price seemed very reasonable. We will call him again in future. He is excellent. 

04/22/2013 – Jane L.
Christian was very professional and did an excellent job. It was a pleasure to have him in our home. I 
can’t imagine anyone doing a better job cleaning our vents.

05/20/2013 – S. MCKNIGHT
He arrived on time.  He looked at returns and ducts, removed them all, keeping screws with each. He stacked each grate keeping them all sorted by room. Took them outside to clean and sanitize. He used a machine to clean and sanitize the ducts. Replaced all the grates and screws.The AC system was new so it seems that was a plus in regards to cleaning, however, there was bad stuff on the grates from the previous AC system. The home has about 25 grates including returns, so it took about 5 hours to complete the cleaning. 
 The air seems much cleaner .We  do not have any pets, although previous residents may have. We’re severely allergic to cat  and dog dander, and have at least one person with asthma.  Prior to AirMedicis cleaning, we were often experiencing problems with allergies and sinus infections. Since the AirMedics cleaning, we have had less, if any, discomfort with allergy symptoms and such. 
We would use Christian with AirMedics again. He was very personable, professional. and pretty thorough.

03/26/2014 – David K M.
Christian was wonderful. Knowledgeable, professional and personable. He did a fantastic job and 
was very thorough.

04/04/2014 – Karen G.
Chris arrived on time and went right to work. Very neat. No mess left behind for me to clean. I’ll have 
him back again. I’ve told most of my friends about his wonderful service. I couldn’t be more please and 
satisifed with this compamy. I see why they were a 2013 Super Service winner!

04/19/2014 – D R. Hunter
First of all, I must state that Christian Scheeler (Owner/Operator) is one man that has never met an obstacle that he will submitt to. I live in condo on the beach which are notorious for small,claustrophobic laundry closets with impossible access. Normally, to gain access to the dryer vent you would just remove a front panel, but in my case there was a complication. Due to poor design and multiplied by poor construction, Christian had to completely remove the dryer and washer from the closet and try not scratch my high gloss wood floors. To achieve this he had to remove the front panel from the washer to get a physical grip on the machine. Then slowly pull the stacked washer and dryer onto blanket so he would not scratch the floors. Next, he had to disconnected the water lines. Finally, Christian cleaned the dryer vents and related dryer exhaust materials, reconnected the water lines, vacuum the area free of thousands of dust bunnies, push the stacked w/d back into place, reassemble the washer front panel, reattach the closet door and verified that it was functioning properly with a external visual inspection. 

Michael Hi
July 2021 Christian does a wonderful job.

Thad W
11 weeks ago Christian did an incredible job. He went above and beyond! We would definitely use Airmedics again in the future. Our ducts and dryer vent are clean and sanitized. Great value and incredible service. It’s difficult to find people who are honest, hard working and care about what they do. Airmedics you can definitely trust.

m 23 weeks ago Very professional, on time and excellent job done. Smells wonderful in our home and vents look so much better and ducts are cleaned as well. Highly recommend 👌

Caitlin Moore
47 weeks ago While AirMedics weren’t able to assist me with my unique issue, they were incredibly kind to lend an ear, their time, and lots of suggestions to help me mitigate my problem with a rodent that died and decomposed in my duct work. They were very candid in letting me know that air duct cleaning wouldn’t be the best solution in this case and I would highly recommend them for that honesty alone! If the opportunity does present itself that I should ever need their services, I will definitely be reaching out to AirMedics first.